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Volunteer in an orphanage, medical facility, school, or community program.

Donate monthly and your regular support can help children domestically and all around the world.


Work in a sports camp for local children and young adults.

Participate in a volunteer work/study abroad program.


Our Mission

The Mission of KidCare International, a relationship-based, humanitarian-aid organization, is to equip and empower desperately disadvantaged children to lead lives of purpose, service, and leadership through sustainable programs and strategic partnerships.

The vision of KidCare International is to bring hope into the lives of desperately disadvantage children by providing humanitarian aid, sending teams of volunteers to educate and encourage, joining with indigenous people to build and repair, and linking them with people and organizations of resources who desire to “make a difference” in the lives of the world’s poorest children.

Together, we believe we can reverse the effects of poverty and hunger on children. This vision in action has brought new life and hope to thousands of children internationally.