PAL – Promise for African Literacy

PAL-Promies for African Literacy

We believe… education is essential in ending the cycle of poverty.

KidCare International is excited to launch a new educational program designed to combat illiteracy and hunger.

PAL-Promies for African LiteracyAfrica is a continent of challenges AND great promise. One of the challenges is the improvement of the literacy rates of Africa's children. The desire for learning is great, but the school facilities and the lack of textbooks and materials are barriers to learning throughout much of the continent.

KidCare International has developed the PAL program: Promise for African Literacy, to begin to address schooling needs in Khayelitsha, South Africa and Mto-wa-Mbu, Tanzania.

PAL-Promies for African Literacy

How Does PAL Work?

Currently, PAL has adopted two primary schools (K-8) with enrollments of 1,400 students at each school. A tax deductible donation of $20 will assist either school through the purchase of three textbooks approved for use in South Africa or Tanzania and will provide lunch for one student for one month. A bookplate will be inserted into each of the textbooks which will provide the name of the donor, the donor's city / state, and identification of the donor's home as being in the USA.

The books and funds will be hand carried to the recipient schools by safari travelers. Photos of the children with their new books will be taken and copies made for and sent to each donor. The program will be expanded to include additional schools and countries as funds permit.

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