Orphanage Support

We believe… change begins with the action of one.

Help Provide a Refuge for Orphans and Abandoned Children for $30 a month.

Orphanage Support
  • A child loses a parent to an AIDS-related illness every 14 seconds.

  • Devastated by grief and the loss of their parents, children are exposed to extreme poverty. KidCare International provides daily food, shelter, education and comfort to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

  • Orphanage Support
  • Because orphanages are not listed as best practices in the National Plan of many the countries in which we work, these are children at the mercy of small bits of funding. Plainly speaking, they have fallen through the bureaucratic grant funding cracks and depend on generosity of organizations like KidCare International who will look past unrealistic governmental policies and into their eyes.

  • These children exist, they are not going away, and their numbers are growing.

  • Over 14 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. The numbers are predicted to double in 10 years if there isn’t a solution.

Give generously and help orphans rescued from streets, garbage bins, sewage pits, or abandoned on the doorstep. These overlooked, thrown away children are precious. Your gift will provide food, shelter and educational opportunities for orphans in South Africa, Tanzania and Russia on a monthly basis. Orphanages meeting the KidCare International criteria know they can count on ongoing support. $30 a month provides food and clothing for a child in an orphanage for one month.

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