Hope for Hunger

Hope for Hunger

We believe… hope grows where basic needs are met.

Over 33 million children in Africa are at risk of starvation.

Hope for Hunger

Millions go to bed hungry every night.

KidCare International feeds hungry children daily in Africa and the United States through a carefully monitored daily feeding program. We hand-deliver food to orphanages to ensure the quality of the children’s diet.

Children who formerly ran away from orphanages because they could find better food on the streets are now living and thriving within the safe environment. Orphanage director Simon Ponga of Cheswea Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania, reports the children, (and his staff) are healthier because their diet now includes chicken, fruit, and vegetables.

Your generous gift today can send life-saving food and other aid to hungry children and their families in Africa.

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