Cow, Chicken, Garden Projects

Cow Project

We believe… in providing a hope and a future.

One of the most creative but logical and time-proven ways to provide food and healthy diet for vulnerable children in Africa is the cow, chicken, and garden projects. The idea is to give a source of food while teaching children life-sustaining ethics rather than short-term relief.

While some orphanages and care centers are located in the city are not conducive to this type of enterprise, others are ideally situated in rural sites perfect for agricultural endeavors.

With the Cow Project, Chicken Project, and Garden Project, the children learn basic techniques and responsibilities of farming and free enterprise. After the dietary needs of the children are met, excess milk, eggs, poultry, and vegetables are sold at the marketplace, offering additional training and experience in micro-business and basic financing.


A heifer calf can be purchased for $400 to $650 and within a year can be generating a modest supply of dairy commodities.

It costs approximately $30 dollars a month for maintenance of the animal. You may make a one-time donation to purchase a dairy cow or donate monthly to cover feeding and care of the animal.

  • Donate $400 to purchase a dairy cow.
  • Donate $30 a month for food and other supplies for the dairy cow.
Garden Project


Hatchling baby chicks purchased for under a dollar can be raised and sold for a profit along with providing poultry needs for the children.

  • Donate $100 to purchase a Chicken Project with 100 chickens for an orphanage or poor family.


Land is the greatest problem with the orphanages in Africa. Every orphanage has a desire to obtain land on the outskirts of the city to have a place to provide sustaining food for their children. An acre of land with reasonable water supply costs about $5,000. Seed and supplies for an acre of land for one year cost about $200.

  • Donate $5000 for an acre of land.
  • Donate $240 for seed and supplies for an acre of land for one year.
  • Donate $20 a month for garden seed and supplies.
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