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Studdy Buddies TutorWe believe… mentoring offers, instills, and inspires hope in the children we serve.

Study Buddies is an after-school educational enrichment and mentoring program for underprivileged children living in the United States

Study Buddies Mission:Giving Kids a Hand Up…

  • Academically
  • Socially
  • Physically

Americans have witnessed the effects of an economic downturn in our nation and the consequent impact on our nation's children. According to the 2000 U.S. census, 24.6% of all children in L.A. County were poor and children comprised 38.2% of all poor people in the nation. Housing is the single largest expenditure for poor people resulting in an often transitory life-moving when they have exhausted resources for safe and affordable housing and reached time limits at shelters. Every time a child moves, his or her education is disrupted. According to some estimates, 3-6 months of education are lost with each move. Homeless children are at a high risk of falling behind in their education. In addition, social development is impeded resulting in feelings of inferiority and poor self-esteem.

In February of 2003, KidCare International launched the Study Buddies Program to address the social crisis of illiteracy in children resulting from poverty and homelessness. Study Buddies is an after-school tutoring program designed to meet the educational and sociological needs of underprivileged children. The goal of Study Buddies is to help our students gain mastery in the basic skills of Language Arts and Math.

Studdy Buddies Tutor

Tutors and Volunteers:

The program is staffed by teachers, college students and the local community. Many of the college students are from the Claremont Colleges (all 5 of the colleges are represented) and provide tutoring as well as being great role models to the children.

The Program:

The program includes the use of learning packets containing language arts and math work specifically designed for each child's need, based on assessment tests administered when the child begins the program.

The test is given again at the end of the school year to measure academic growth. In 2005, the long awaited goal of a technology center was realized with the generous donation of computers from the Northrop Grumman Corporation and S&S Logistics. With the computers come expanded learning opportunities for the children to receive an education that will help them acquire the skills they will need to escape the cycle of poverty.

Studdy Buddies Tutor

Who We Help:

Study Buddies currently partners with schools in Montclair, Ontario, and Pomona California.

Connect with Study Buddies:

To volunteer as a tutor for Study Buddies or to enquire about enrolling in the program call: (909) 624-6101.
Donations to Study Buddies go to purchase additional educational supplies for the children.

In-kind donations of fresh food, new clothing, new shoes, and new school materials are accepted and appreciated.

Study Buddies often gives surplus in-kind gifts to schools we partner with.

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