Food Bank

We believe… loving acts of compassion generate mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. Children who are denied an adequate diet are at a great risk. Children who are undernourished have trouble concentrating and bonding with other children and are more likely to suffer illnesses that force them to be absent from school. They consistently perform more poorly on standardized tests. Poor performance early in school is a major risk factor for dropping out of school in later years. The impact of childhood hunger can be lifelong. Even mildly undernourished children may potentially suffer abnormal brain, cognitive, and psychological impairment that, if not corrected, can be irreversible. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in five children (approximately 15 million) in our nation live at or below the poverty line. Nearly two-thirds of poor children in America live in working family homes. An alarming 22% of young children in America live in poverty. As the financial challenges to provide for a family in the United States continues to grow due to increased gasoline, food, and housing prices, KidCare’s Food Bank continues to give critical supplies such as food, baby formula, brand new clothing, diapers, blankets, household and personal care items, and toys to sustain needy families. KidCare feeds more than 9,000 hungry people each year through its Food Bank located at 9014 Benson Avenue in Montclair, California. Through its partnerships and alliances, more than 66,000 meals were provided in 2011. The Food Bank is open to the public every Saturday, except holidays. A $100 donation will purchase approximately $500 worth of surplus food.

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