Pastor Kapchinsky with African ChildLarry Kapchinsky, President and
Founder of Kidcare International
Larry Kapchinsky, President, is KidCare International's founder. Mr. Kapchinsky envisions a world where every child, no matter how marginalized, is cherished as a gift. Married to Janice for 40 years, he is a father and grandfather who cares deeply about the needs of desperately disadvantaged children. A graduate of Southern California College in Costa Mesa, California, Mr. Kapchinsky began teaching school in Bakersfield, California in 1968 where he first felt compelled to reach out. A little girl who was in his fourth grade class came to school under freezing conditions, clad only in a thin, sleeveless dress and sandals. Later, when social services stepped in and she was to be relocated in a foster home, he and Janice applied and were allowed to open their home to her and her sister.

Through over 15 years of service to children, Mr. Kapchinsky maintains a "see-to-it," approach to every act of compassion. From personally delivering hundreds of shoes promised to orphans in the Rural Mountains in Russia, to meeting containers held up on foreign docks, he believes when he makes a promise his integrity matters.

Active as the President of KidCare International, he serves as a catalyst to gather compassionate individuals who share his commitment to caring and giving; connecting enriching people of resource and people of need.

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